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Rep. Crossman: Budget a mixed bag, but delivers wins for working people

Bill contains fair school funding overhaul, historic investment in broadband infrastructure
June 29, 2021
Jeffrey A. Crossman News

COLUMBUS—Rep. Jeff Crossman (D-Parma) issued a statement Tuesday following the passage of the state budget, House Bill 110, which included the Fair School Funding Plan, an improved public school funding formula that better addresses the needs of Ohio students, teachers and communities, as well as $250 million for broadband development in underserved areas

“One of my priorities when I first started at the Statehouse was fair funding for education.  It has taken several years of hard work by many, but I am proud that we all led the way to finally achieve a fair funding formula for Ohio that is long overdue,” said Rep. Crossman. “This formula and the funding provided in this budget will positively impact our schools and our community for years to come if the funding remains intact beyond the two year budget we passed late last night.  While the budget is not “mission accomplished” in terms of what Ohio’s working families need, I  could not miss this once in a generation opportunity to help fairly fund our schools and reduce the burden on local property taxpayers.  Now that the budget is behind us, we can continue to focus on what Ohio needs—fixing our broken unemployment system, returning people to work with good-paying jobs, and otherwise building our state back better.”

Democrats did express opposition Monday to a tax giveaway that largely benefits the wealthiest Ohioans and an increase in state funding for privately operated schools. 

Democrats indicated they will send to the governor a list of requested budget line-item vetoes to address a number of their concerns.