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Rep. Crossman and Holmes introduce Drone Privacy Protections Act

June 26, 2020
Jeffrey A. Crossman News

State Representative Jeff Crossman (D-Parma) and Rep. Adam Holmes (R-Nashport) today introduced legislation that would allow prosecution of persons using unmanned drones to violate a person’s privacy.  This legislation will amend the following sections in the Ohio Revised Code:

  1. Trespass O.R.C. §2911.11
  2. Aggravated Trespass  O.R.C. §2911.11
  3. Stalking.  O.R.C. §2903.211
  4. Voyeurism O.R.C. §2907.08

While drones may be subject to some federal regulation, Ohio is within its right to enforce these types of prohibitions to protect our communities. Laws that traditionally relate to state and local police powers are not generally subject to federal regulation.

I am pleased to have the support of my colleague Rep. Holmes on this important legislation that will address shortcomings in Ohio’s privacy laws by clarifying that using unmanned drones to violate people’s privacy rights is not permissible,” said Rep. Crossman “This legislation will ensure that young children are not placed at risk by intentionally bad behavior, will help ensure the sanctity of our homes, and will better protect our privacy.”

“It is critical that Ohio’s privacy laws keep pace with changes in technology,” said Rep. Holmes “Drones are becoming increasingly valuable to our state and this bill helps ensure they continue to be used only for good purposes”