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Koehler Votes 'No' on Dividing Clark County

November 18, 2021
J. Kyle Koehler News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) Thursday chose to vote against Substitute Senate Bill 258, the proposed congressional map for Ohio based on the results of the 2020 federal census. 

Koehler explained his decision, “While I applaud the hard work of the Ohio Redistricting Commission, I was disheartened by the decision to divide Clark County into two congressional districts and remove Warren Davidson as our congressman. Since being elected to state office in 2016, I have fought tirelessly to ensure the City of Springfield and Clark County remain united. As I consider the future of Clark County’s economic and business development, I have come to one conclusion – separating our community will only weaken our voice.”

Senate Bill 258’s new congressional map splits Clark County by drawing the City of Springfield into the congressional district encompassing Dayton and drawing the rest of rural Clark County in with the suburbs of Columbus. 

“I hear from hundreds of constituents each week. On the majority of bills I vote on, I hear from both proponents and opponents of these issues. That was not the case for Senate Bill 258,” said Koehler. “I did not hear from a single constituent, community or civic leader, non-profit, private business, or social group that supported the division of Springfield and Clark County into two congressional districts.”

“The threats of lawsuit and accusations of gerrymandering meant legislators like myself had little to no input on the final maps. However, the one input that has been granted me by the constituents of the 79th District is my floor vote on the new maps. Today, I was proud to stand up for Clark County and vote no.”

Senate Bill 258 passed with a vote of 55-36 and now heads to the Governor for consideration.