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Koehler Announces Water Improvement Grant for South Charleston

November 2, 2021
J. Kyle Koehler News

COLUMBUS – State Representative Kyle Koehler (R-Springfield) announces the Village of South Charleston will receive a water improvement grant for $641,800 to address water quality and public health concerns of the wastewater treatment plant.

The grant is a part of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s $44 million of water and wastewater infrastructure grants released across the state Tuesday.      

“This announcement continues our fight to protect the water supply for thousands of Ohioans,” said Koehler. “Just as we have fought for years to protect the water threatened by the Tremont City Barrel Fill in northwest Clark County, now we can focus on our water supply in southern Clark County. By treating our wastewater, we protect Ohio’s most precious natural resource, our water." 

The funds will assist the village with pump station upgrades, minimize storm water entering into the collection system and replace treatment plant equipment nearing its end-of-life cycle. 

In addition to the treatment plant improvements, the project will also help improve the local waterways by removing nutrient rich wastewater discharge that promotes algae growth. The algae in turn depletes the water of dissolved oxygen that harms aquatic life.

The South Charleston Wastewater Treatment Plant services 1,865 people and discharges treated water into Gilroy Ditch, which is the headwater of the Little Miami River. 

The grant project is a part of Gov. DeWine’s larger H2Ohio initiative to reduce phosphorus runoff by replacing aging wastewater infrastructure and best agriculture practices.