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Guest Column: Happy Thanksgiving to the People of Clark County

State Representative Kyle Koehler
November 24, 2015
J. Kyle Koehler News

Our lives can sometimes be busy and hectic. So it is important that we occasionally take time to slow down and give thanks for the things that make our lives rich and full. Although Thanksgiving is hopefully not the only time of year that we stop to consider such blessings, it is a holiday that brings many of us together for this very purpose.

As I am nearing the conclusion of my first year representing the 79th District in the Ohio House of Representatives, I am often reminded of just how fortunate I am to have born in this country. Not surprisingly, there have been many contentious and passionate debates in the House this year, and while certainly not everyone agrees on every issue, we have the opportunity to share our opinions and convictions freely. Unfortunately, that is not the case in many countries throughout the world.

In addition, I have the chance to meet men and women from all over the state who secure that freedom by fighting for our country in uniform. How blessed are we as Americans to have such brave individuals willing to stand up and defend our way of life and preserve peace and freedom for future generations. That includes those who have not returned home alive. They have given the ultimate sacrifice and deserve our deepest gratitude.

Finally, I am grateful for the people of the 79th House District, who have entrusted me to serve as their voice at the Statehouse. Clark County is home to so many hardworking men and women who give extra of themselves to help at school functions, church gatherings, charities and youth events, just to name a few. In doing so, they have positively influenced the lives around them in ways that may not even be evident at first glance.

This Thanksgiving, I hope you have an opportunity to gather with family and friends and take time to think of someone or something that has made your life better. And in return, let us go forward and give extra of ourselves to assist those who need a helping hand. Even the smallest of acts can make a tremendous difference.

Happy Thanksgiving!