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Rep. Crawley introduces legislation to require health impact statements and create interagency team

Bill aims to consider health and equity in all policies
May 8, 2020
Erica C. Crawley News

COLUMBUS—This week, State Rep. Erica C. Crawley (D-Columbus) introduced legislation to require health impact statements to be issued for bills being considered by the legislature, in a similar fashion to the inclusion of fiscal note and local impact statements. Health impact statements would enable legislators to consider the impact legislation will have on the health, social determinants of health and health equity of constituents.

The bill would also create the Health and Equity Interagency Team. The Health and Equity Interagency Team would work across state government to coordinate resources and implement strategies to address health and health equity factors impacted by the social determinants of health and create links between various policy areas. 

“People in rural and urban communities are oftentimes disproportionately impacted by laws and policies, and it is important that we look beyond the parameters of healthcare to ensure that we are doing everything we can to strengthen our communities,” said Crawley.

“50 percent of an individual’s health is due to social, economic and physical environments, while 20 percent is due to clinical care and 30 percent due to behaviors. To make strides in the health of Ohioans, and reduce inequities as well as control costs, we need to consider factors outside of healthcare which influence health. This would be essential to the legislative body as we try to make good policy decisions.” 

This bill would provide insight into how legislation will affect the public’s health in an effort to achieve health equity, so everyone is able to achieve their full health potential regardless of whether they live in a rural, urban or suburban community.