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Leland urges Ohio to commit to Paris climate agreement

Following international pact could bring jobs, economic growth to Buckeye State, says Columbus rep
July 24, 2017
David Leland News

State Reps. Michele Lepore-Hagan (D-Youngstown) and David Leland (D-Columbus) today introduced legislation urging fellow Ohio House members to affirm the state’s commitment to the international Paris Agreement. The lawmakers’ action follows recent news out of Washington that the United States will withdraw from the historic climate change pact, joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only nations not participating. 

“Instead of taking the global back seat on charting a sustainable and secure energy future, Ohio and our nation should be a driving force for the good-paying jobs and economic growth that come with advanced energy development and manufacturing,” said Lepore-Hagan. “We can’t afford to let other nations lead while we fall behind and miss out on the good jobs, growth and national security that come from common sense renewable energy policy.”

The Paris Agreement, an historic global pact made by 195 states to pursue sustainable energy solutions, aims to reduce harmful gas emissions and curb the rise of global temperatures. The agreement has even been affirmed by countries such as China and India – large, rapidly-industrializing nations.

“The Paris Agreement delivers a powerful signal that the nations of the world are committed to curbing emissions and accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, cleaner energy economy,” said Leland. “In addition, the agreement is a clarion call for all to embrace the biggest job creating opportunity of this century.”

Hawaii recently became the first state to pass legislation committing to abide by the regulations and standards set forth by the Paris Agreement. Hawaii joins a climate coalition of more than 10 states – including California, Washington, New York, Minnesota, Virginia, Massachusetts and Vermont – that have verbally committed to uphold the Paris Agreement, despite federal withdrawal from the accord.