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Grassroots outpouring against Stand Your Ground bill draws from enthusiasm of George Floyd protests

Over 75 testimonies opposing bill submitted in less than 24 hours
June 9, 2020
David Leland News

At 11:44am yesterday, the House Criminal Justice Committee announced a last-minute addition to today’s hearing agenda: House Bill 381, Stand Your Ground, was added to the schedule. Since then, activists and grassroots organizations have responded with an avalanche of opposition to the bill.

“Georgia’s Stand Your Ground law made it harder to prosecute Ahmaud Arbery’s killers.” said Rep. Leland (D-Columbus). “In practice, the bill encourages gun owners to shoot first and ask questions later, which makes Ohioans, particularly black Ohioans, less safe.” 

Though given just 24 hours’ notice of the hearing, more than 75 organizations and Ohio citizens submitted testimony opposing the legislation they say endangers black lives and makes all Ohioans less safe. A Facebook post urging citizens to call, email, and submit testimony opposing the bill on a local Statehouse watchdog page has been shared over 650 times since it was posted at 12:30pm yesterday.

Rep. Leland said, “Ohioans want real reforms to make sure black lives are protected. This bill does the opposite.”

The Criminal Justice Committee Hearing is scheduled for 3pm today in Room 017 of the Ohio Statehouse.