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House Bill 408 Granted Proponent Testimony

April 1, 2022
Bob Young News

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COLUMBUS – State Representative Bob Young (R-Green) is pleased to announce that House Bill 408, legislation designed to address the catalytic converter theft problem on the rise here in Ohio and across the country, will be receiving proponent testimony on Wednesday, April 6th in The Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee. 

Theft of catalytic converters is becoming more common because the converter contains precious metals including rhodium and is easy to access underneath the body of any vehicle, this crime is simply a crime of opportunity.

The price of rhodium has risen significantly over recent years; selling for $696 an ounce in 2016 the price is now $18,000 an ounce. 

Under my proposed legislation, developed in conjunction with the Ohio Prosecutor’s Association, we would categorize a catalytic converter as a “special purchase article”, said Young. This means any scrap metal dealer, bulk merchandise dealer, or any other entity purchasing such items “obtain from the seller or provider of the special purchase article or bulk merchandise container proof that the seller or provider owns the special purchase article or bulk merchandise container.” 

As there are no labels on the converter to attach it to a car title, for example, this bill would essentially ban the sale of catalytic converters unless the person is scrapping an entire car.

“It is great to see House Bill 408 receiving proponent testimony,” added Young. “It will be good for the committee to hear firsthand stories of those who have been affected by this crime which could be solved with the passing of this legislation.”