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Juvenile and Family Law
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Number Title Sponsor(s) Version
H. B. No. 5 Modernize the adoption process As Passed by the House
H. B. No. 14 Regards equal parental time and responsibilities for a child As Re-Referred by the House Rules and Reference Committee
H. B. No. 29 Regards driver's license suspensions-failure to pay child support As Passed by the House
H. B. No. 35 Eliminate limitations period for certain sexual abuse claims As Enrolled
S. B. No. 108 Establish and regulate scholars residential centers As Introduced
H. B. No. 109 Revise the law governing newborn safety incubators As Introduced
H. B. No. 124 Eliminate period of limitation - rape prosecution or civil action As Introduced
S. B. No. 176 Allow child support orders for children over 18 with a disability As Reported by the Senate Judiciary Committee
S. B. No. 187 Prohibit firearm possession with a domestic violence conviction As Introduced
S. B. No. 198 Provide inmates with state ID cards, education documentation As Introduced