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Families, Aging, and Human Services Committee Bills

Committee Bills
Bill Title
H. C. R. No. 26 Affirm patient and family rights to direct health care decisions.
S. B. No. 58 Enact Esther's Law re: long-term care facility room monitoring
H. B. No. 78 Enact Esther's Law re: long-term care room monitoring
H. B. No. 142 Regards doula services
H. B. No. 145 Regards eligibility for publicly funded child care
H. B. No. 173 Establish the Ohio Family Stability Commission
H. B. No. 179 Revised expedited licensure inspections law and long-term care
H. B. No. 254 Provide for domestic violence fatality review boards
H. B. No. 284 Regards hand-hygiene education; health facility guidelines
H. B. No. 355 Authorize a pregnant minor to consent to receive health care
H. B. No. 371 Regards screening mammography and dense breast tissue
H. B. No. 402 Enact the Ohio Midwife Practice Act
H. B. No. 409 Require patient or resident protection advisory boards
H. B. No. 410 Enact Actionable Help And New Dignity for Upward Progression Act